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Live Footage over Roebuck Bay from Moonlight Bay Suites. 

This camera is located to Moonlight Bay Suites, situated near the heart of Broome and on the water’s edge of the spectacular Roebuck Bay. They offer accommodation that is considered to be one of the regions best positioned properties featuring one and two bedroom fully self-contained suites. Of our 50 suites, 25 feature views over the turquoise waters of the bay and the property’s huge sparkling blue pool. If you want to stay close to the water and enjoy world-class ocean scenery, choose Moonlight Bay Suites as your accommodation.


Did you know that Broome has become famous for an event called the Staircase to the Moon? This natural phenomenon occurs when the moon rises over the bay after the massive tide has retreated leaving the shallow puddles of water exposed in the mud flats.  The camera below will give you the perfect way to view this phenominom with out even having to travel to Broome. 




 To view our time lapse footage of today featuring tidal movements and sunrise click here 

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